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Interested in booking the band? Ah yes, we got you in our web now. Just and tell us what your looking for and when. If you are running an event or hosting a private party, live music is always more interesting than recorded music...well, at least we think so! And, yeah, we can spin a CD or two in between sets for ya, after all, we have this whole PA set up, might as well use it.

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Talk about one stop shopping!
Tone Deaf has a set up that perfect for any venue.

Tone Deaf   Tone Deaf
     Straight Ahead Classic Rock
This is the Classic set up...Tone Deaf the way they are meant to be seen. Straight ahead classic rock! If you're looking to drink, dance, and party, this is what it's all about. And when we say 'classic' rock, we mean it. With a focus on 70's rock, the music can run from Jimmy Buffet to Jimmy Hendrix...from Billy Joel to Billy Idol...AC/DC to Warren get the picture! Never a dull moment...guaranteed!
Tone Deaf Unplugged   Tone Deaf Unplugged
     The Infamous Unplugged Show
Back in early 2005, Tone Deaf introduced an unplugged version of their classic rock show. Trading in electric guitars for acoustic ones, turn the amps down from "11", and you have a Tone Deaf show that is perfect for smaller and/or quieter venues but is still all Tone Deaf. All the energy with just a little less edge.
Semi Tone   Semi Tone / Mono Tone
     One-Three Piece Acoustic Show
Semi Tone is a two piece acoustic show consisting of Mark on vocals/acoustic guitar and Stan on percussion/vocals. It's an ideal show for smaller rooms, patios, or anytime a full band isn't needed. Mono Tone is the same idea, but is a solo adventure, just Mark, his guitar and a mitt full of harmonicas.


Professional Audio Equipment, Live Audio Engineering and Studio Services.
This is all the behind the scenes stuff that is part of Tone Deaf Canada.
Please keep in mind, this isn't our main gig...we're just a rock band after all,
but if we can help you out, we're more than willing to do so.

Tin Ear Productions   Tin Ear Productions   PA and Engineering
All the gear and engineering that Tone Deaf uses is available as Tin Ear Productions. If you are doing a show or event and are in need of a PA system and someone to operate it, look no further...unless of course we're using it...but then we can still point you in the right direction. Yeah...we're sweethearts that way!
Foulmouth Studios   Foulmouth Studios   Recording Services
Foulmouth Studios is Tone Deaf's rehearsal space, but is also a digital recording studio, ideal for demo work. If you need more than we can provide, we can help you find a place that will provide it. Customer service oh plenty!


Do you wanna see what its all about? Or see if we're available?
Come check us out at any one of our gigs. And even if we're booked on
the day you're thinkin' 'bout, drop us a line anyways. Things always change!
And some of these are afternoon gigs. Unlike Clark Kent and Superman,
we can be in two places at once.

Note: We try to keep things as current as possible... but no guarantees.



Fri 13 - Tone Deaf @ Studebaker (8:00-11:00) [Burlington]

Tue 17 - Semi Tone @ Jerseys (5:00-9:00) [Burlington]
Tue 17 - Tone Deaf @ Jerseys (10:00-2:00) [Burlington]
Fri 20 - Tone Deaf @ Black Swan (9:00-1:00) [Burlington]
Fri 21 - Tone Deaf @ Tin Cup (9:00-1:00) [Burlington]

Sat 04 - Tone Deaf @ Tin Cup (9:00-1:00) [Burlington]

Fri 17 - Tone Deaf @ Jerseys (10:00-2:00) [Burlington]

Fri 01 - Tone Deaf @ Iron Horse (9:30-1:30) [Hamilton]

For a full listing of where you can catch us live,
just click on Show Listings.

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